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Foam Pigs

We manufacture foam pigs in various densities like, Low Density, medium Density, High Density and Ultra High Density

Our pipeline pigs are manufactured using high grade raw material and by employing the latest technologies by our expert professionals..


  • From 0.5 inch to 72 inch.... Any size can be custom made

A. Low Density (2 - 3 Lbs/Ft3 ):
Application :Proving, Swabbing, Drying and water/product removal from pipeline.  

B. medium Density 5-8 Lbs/Ft3:
Application : Drying and water/product removal for distance upto 100 miles.  

C. High Density 8-10 Lbs/Ft3:
Application : Product removal for distance more than 100 miles.  

 D. Ultra High Density (14 – 16 Lbs/ ft3 )
Application : Used for special / unique pigging lines and pigging materials

All our Foam pigs are manufactured with multiple options on customer’s request like

  • Bare foam pigs
  • Swabs
  • Nose on both ends
  • With inserts
  • Bottom coated
  • Top and bottom coated
  • Single Spiral coated
  • Fully coated
  • Criss cross coated
  • Teflon coated
  • With Wire Brushes,
  • With Silicon Carbide Straps
  • Pulling Ropes
  • Transmitter cavity can be impinged in the foam pigs on request.



  • Excellent Durability
  • High Resilence
  • Chemical Compatability
  • Tactical manoeuvring properties
  • Pipeline adaptabiltiy

As a pioneer in the field, we believe in giving back to our industry and focus on historic development. We provide Technical Assistance on Selection of Pigs and we also provide expert Consultation for pigging applications

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