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Blissco Memory Foam Mattress

Blissco,sleep natural! memory foam mattress, a quality product from Sriram Foams (P) ltd

  • This beauty features 2 inches thick high density memory foam top with a unique 4 layer design, made to provide you a peaceful night sleep.
  • Not only offering an undisturbed sleep, it also provides body care reducing pressure on joints and muscles and contours to your body shape assured to disperse body weight and pressure more evenly
  • Convoluted Reticulated foam supporting the memory foam ensures uniform Air Circulation and Breathability provide you pure comfort throughout the night.
  • Layered foam design is made to ensure high tensile, Non Directional and uniform Texture characteristics for a hindrance free sleep
  • High density foam structure keeps the bed hygiene and safe from bed bugs and dust mites, and is Hypoallergenic, with the absence of excess toxic and harmful chemicals
    • Quality
    • Comfort
    • Durability
    • Support
    • Hygienic


We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of automobile cushions that are known for their comfort level and softness they carries. These cushions are made from top quality materials thus making them durable, high efficient and washable. We supply Furniture cushions, Automobile cushions all over India

Special Foam Pigs

We are the manufacturer & exporter of Sphere Foam. We have also indigenously developed Lip Pigs in India and they are widely used in many companies in India and abroad


We have manufactured the bigger sizes of pigs i.e. 48" & 56" Magnetic Cleaning Pig


Our company is engaged in offering a wide range of elastomers that are known for their tensile strength, tear resistant and comfort level. These elastomers are made from premium quality materials and are made in compliance with the global quality standard. We are the major suppliers to Automotive Industries in India.

Pigging Consultancy

As a pioneer in the field, we believe in giving back to our industry and focus on historic development. We provide Technical Assistance on Selection of Pigs and we also provide expert Consultation for pigging applications

Mandrel Pigs

Our domain expertise has enabled us to come up with an excellent range of Mandrel Pigs. The entire range is manufactured by us keeping in mind the international quality standards. Precisely designed, these products are sturdy in construction and can move in both directions. Also, these products are widely appreciated by our valued customers for their unmatched performance, durability and efficiency.

Cleaning pigs are used during pre-commission and on-stream cleaning where rust, millscale, sand, wax, organic growth, mud, oxides, and other foreign matter exist. Sizes range from 2" through 72", with brush configurations including wire wheel, split-ring, wrap-around, and spring-loaded.

We offer cleaning pigs that are manufactured from top grade materials and as per the set standards. These are designed to provide diverse applications needs. Available in various shapes and sizes, we also offer custom made cleaning pigs to meet the specific demands of our clients. We offer these cleaning pigs at most competitive prices. Innovation is our forte and we strive to design and develop a precision engineered range of Pipe line Cleaning Pigs

Pipe cleaning circular brushes are used cleaning the pipelines. Available in various sizes,
thickness, material selections. Brushes are interchangable and can be serviced


  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rust free.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance,
  • Elongation, sheer strength
  • Chemical resistance is the biggest advantage for this versatile material.
  • Performance Guaranteed


From 1 inch to 72 inch.... Any size can be custom made

Are of two types

  • Cup Pigs
    • conical cup pigs and - for Batching Applications
    • scrapper cup pigs – For cleaning purposes
    • Can manufacture
      • 2 cup pigs
      • 3 cup pigs
      • 4 cup pigs
      • Flexible Mandrels
      • Flexible mandrels with inserts
      • Pig Trains
  • Bidirectional pigs
    • For Batching and Cleaning Applications
    • Can manufacture
      • 2-4d models
      • 2-6d models
      • 4d models
      • 4d -2CBs are also custom made
  • Mandrel Pigs are also fixed with Various options
    • With circular brushes
    • With spring loaded brushes
    • Z type brushes
    • With magnets
    • With gaugeplates
    • Transmitter cavities
    • Pulling hooks
    • By pass ports
    • Pig Trains

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As a pioneer in the field, we believe in giving back to our industry and focus on historic development. We provide Technical Assistance on Selection of Pigs and we also provide expert Consultation for pigging applications

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